Generic Refills
Generic Refills

Livescribe is smart

scratchy refills are not
love grows cold and dark
Planet's smartest pens
now get smooth-writing ink,
fall in Love again!

Write right with Livescribe!
German ink flows like a dream
Generic Refills
Smooth-writing Generic Refills for Livescribe
Pulse, Echo or Sky WiFi Pens,
and now available for the new Livescribe 3!
Write with premium German ink!
You probably love your Livescribe pen but the pen refills are a different story!  
  • We discovered some smooth-writing generic refills
  • We had them custom manufactured to fit all Livescribe pens:
    Pulse, Echo, Sky WiFi, or the new Livescribe 3.
  • We upgraded them with premium German ink!
Our Generic Refills compare quite favorably with refills from Monteverde.
We used to cut those to fit our own Livescribe Pulse, Echo or Sky Wifi pens.
We really are fellow Livescribes, looking for the best ink we can find!
No more need to DIY!
Buy smooth-writing German ink.
Generic Refills manufactured to fit:
Livescribe Pulse, Echo & Sky pens,
and the new Livescribe 3 pen.
Our Generic Refills are also listed on:
Ebay and Amazon.  
Just search for "Livescribe generic refills"      
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